Victoria Beckham’s Red Cross Donation (and a useful insight into her wardrobe)

The big news today is that Victoria Beckham has donated over twenty boxes of her own personal clothes to the Red Cross in aid of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines two weeks ago.

If you have been too engrossed reading fashion blogs over the past two weeks and missed news of the typhoon, then you might be horrified to learn that it killed over 5000 (latest count) and left MILLIONS homeless and without access to food, safe drinking water or shelter. So it was an incredible gesture of Posh Spice* to donate all those clothes to the Red Cross, which is providing invaluable emergency relief to countless families in need.

Beckham’s donations went on sale earlier today at the Kensington branch of the Red Cross store, and as you might expect it has been a total a total frenzy. The pictures on Instagram shoe a queue of crazed fashionistas going around the block and the Daily Mail has reported at least one fashion face off over a black and white silk shirt-dress.

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MW, a London-based fashion enthusiast spoke to The Coolture Club about buying some nice black Dolce & Gabbana trousers from VB’s sale: “They’re just plain black formal trousers,” she said. “We were only allowed one item per person (crying emoji). I would have bought three pairs, but there was the limit.”

“I arrived like 45 minutes after it opened so the good stuff was gone,” she added. “Stuff they were really cheap as tops were £25 and trousers were £50; shoes and suit sets went for £100. I guess for men it was really worth it as you could get an Armani shirts for £30.”

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After carefully scrutinising the items on sale (the ones I could find pictured online!), I have to say that though I admire Mrs Beckham’s generally impeccable taste, I can only hope she kept the good stuff at home. Ladies, some of this stuff is bad. And not just bad, some of it is AWFUL. Like the denim and diamanté Victoria boots (see slideshow above).

Though of course, in 20 boxes, there is bound to be a lot of wonderful stuff, and even the crazy stuff, like the pale blue flowery scarpin, will sell for tonnes of money! It would be great if more celebs would follow in the Beckham’s footsteps and donate clothes and time to causes such as these. Though MW didn’t spot any memorabilia hunters she did say that Posh’s old Spice Girls items and some of the more iconic dresses would be auctioned off later.

There is still time to make it down to Kensington to back yourself some fashion bargains or celebrity memorabilia pieces. It’s for a good cause.

If you can’t make it down but still want to help the victims of the typhoon, visit the DEC Appeal page for more info. The DEC Appeal is a good place to donate because they represent a consortium of Britain’s biggest charities who them split the donations between them. Check out their work, and maybe lend a hand!

*For those of you born after 1995, before marrying David Beckham and becoming an award winning designer and Fashion Icon. Victoria (née Adams) used to pout in a band called the Spice Girls wearing questionable black slip dresses. She was known as Posh Spice- though i can’t really explain that because she was neither posh nor spicy. But there it is; the nickname stuck. I urge you do look them up, their single Wannabe is a thing of genius.