Who Wore What: Spring is here

Today in our new Friday special WhoWoreWhat post- which will be a weekly treat from now on- we are bringing our dear readers a nice dose of Weather Envy. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Weather Envy occurs when it’s raining cats and dogs outside and you are stuck indoors looking at pictures of tanned celebs having Fun in the Sun.

It has rained all week in London, so compiling this Cannes-themed WhoWoreWhat post was an exercise in self-flagellation, and I loved every minute of it.

So without further a do, prepare to get well-jell at these dresses:

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 15.54.47

 J-Law here has been behaving very badly this week. She allegedly cracked a ‘rape joke‘ at a party, and even though she thought she would not be overheard, those are NEVER okay. She has not confirmed it, or apologised, and it really is just gossip so far. I hope it isn’t true because I really really love this Dior she wore in Cannes last Saturday. It is simple, beautiful, and I love the Window to Narnia on her chest. Also, this hair length is great on her. Also I love her. Please Jen, don’t crack anymore rape jokes and let me continue admiring/loving you. Thanks, bubs.

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Happy Goth Day!!

There is something deeply incongruous about this headline, I know, but that is why I have been so keen to celebrate Goth Day this year; the image of the stereotypical gloomy, pale goth rocking out with a party hat on is simply to delightful to resist.

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 15.33.06

Of course I know that not all goths are gloomy and pale, and they they don’t all wear black, and they aren’t even a single homogenous bunch at all. Gothness has evolved and is now part of the mainstream- though I suspect a number of goths will despise me for saying that. But it’s true: their influence is everywhere, especially in fashion.

However, it might be a bit unlucky that Goth Day happens to have fallen right in the middle of Spring- a time of the year that no goth could swing a cat without hitting twee flowery dresses gingham prints.

So, like the helpful little angel that I am, I have decided to put together a few tips about how to make the most of Goth Day, in the spring.

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About Town: Street Feast @ Dalston Yard

Spring is finally here. THANK HEAVENS, it has taken it’s bloody time.

I have  packed in my wooly jumpers, cracked out my sandals and sat in the sun for at least three days to rid myself of all the winter dampness. I am feeling truly fabulous.

In London, where The Coolture Club makes its residence, the arrival of Spring marks the appearance of a number of exciting markets and outdoor events. All over town, people set up stalls or trucks and flog their goods to the excitable revellers, giddily celebrating the arrival of sunshine by parting ways with their hard-earned cash.

Last year, the Dalston Yard hosted the rather fabulous Street Feast for 16 weeks. It was such a tremendous success that they have upped the ante this year, and brought the best of London street food to Hackney for a full four months.

It all kicked off last Friday, and I have to say it was terribly exciting. The sun was shining, the beer was cold and all the Dalston Lovelies were out in force, sporting their finest gladrags. Of course, as bonafide Dalstonite myself, I headed out there to check it out.

2014-05-16 18.52.56

Sadly, I went without my trusty camera, and was far too hungry to take pictures of the food, but I must tell you, lovers, it was lots of fun.

We drank delicious citrous-y cocktails by Kamm & Sons, purveyors of the finest British Aperitif. At £5 a pop, their light and delicious Kamms Bitter Lemon was just what the doctor ordered. I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for the boys at Kamms over the summer!

2014-05-16 19.30.13

After drinks we indulged our bellies with a wide variety of delicious food, all of which I was too much of a glutton to photograph and just scoffed down unceremoniously. The highlight must certainly have been the Hot Box ribs, delicious, juicy, and fatty- just like ribs should be.

We also enjoyed a delightful lobster Mac & Cheese at B.O.B’s Lobster shack. While it was delicious, I doubt I will ever be able to enjoy lobster-less mac & cheese again without longing for the sweet crustacean meats found in this one. B.O.B’s has ruined me for life.

And because we are True Fatties, for desert we samples some salted caramel cones from Sorbitium Ices, as creamy and delicious as you would expect.

2014-05-16 21.23.03 2014-05-16 18.53.42

I thoroughly recommend a jaunt down to Street Feast this Spring/Summer, it is just a hop and skip away from Dalston Junction station, and less than five minutes from Daltson Kingsland. The food is utterly enjoyable, so are the beveredges. Just remember to bring cash- and lots of it!- because it may look like your everyday market, but they kids ain’t messin’ around: this is a gourmet melée.

Spring: New Beginnings

Hello fellow life-enthusiasts!
First, I must apologise for my lack of posts. I have been re-thinking The Coolture Club model, and it has taken a little longer than expected.

So for the good news: WE ARE BACK, BABY!
Expect more post, of a more varied type and many exciting new enterprises popping up. The real news is that we are no longer a fashion-focused shin-dig and will be instead opening up our horizons to a series of exciting new ideas: fashion, art, music, food, culture etc.

I want to keep this short and sweet because there is no use crying over split couture, it’s time to move forward!

And to cheer you all up, here is a happy goat:


I have missed you!

Stay tuned for more.

Ava x x x