How to wear green lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana have just released a new line of lipstick, one of which is green.

Yes, GREEN. Like a lush rainforest canopy.

And not just green, it’s also sparkly.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 14.33.51

Since the release of D&G’s Sicilian Jewels Spring beauty collection, containing the green stick and it’s purple, yellow and cranberry brothers, the internet has EXPLODED with “How to wear it” articles.

“Pair it with subtle cheeks and soft eyes.”

“Be bold. Strong eyes.”

“Rock the alien look.”

All that advice is useless. Here is the only bit of advice you need when it comes to green lipstick (or purple, or yellow): you will look weird.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it. Wear it as novelty, wear it as a joke, or wear it for punky edge. WEAR IT WITH PRIDE! But embrace the fact that it will never look good, it will only look weird.

The green lipstick is a sign of the times. It is much more than just ridiculous face paint. It’s like a couple of years ago we were all told it was a good idea to go to work dressed in silky pyjamas. Or when Lady Gaga wore that dress made out of meat.

Every once in a while fashion runs out of ways to tell the same story and we end up with green lipstick on our faces. It’s just a new way to sell more lipstick, after all how many shades of ‘Winter Berry” can one woman have. If D&G can make green lipstick fly, then the have created a new niche market with no competition.

So, what I’m saying is: Rock the green lipstick if you want. But don’t feel like you have to because it’s the latest ‘it’ thing to do to your face.

Remember cheries: STYLE is more important than fashion.


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